Sun Sheep

Sun Sheep

Simply enter the names of 2 movies or tv shows and Sun Sheep will let you know which actors appeared in both!

Race to Infinity and Beyond

The definitve results website for BT's Race To Infinity competition. Now updated to show the current status of fibre broadband across all telephone exchanges in the United Kingdom.


Publish to Drupal using Microsoft Word

In this article I will show you how to use Microsoft Word 2007 to post to your Drupal website. The reason that I occasionally use Word to post directly to Drupal is purely as a quick way to put images into a post without having to worry about cropping, resizing or uploading using a third-party tool.

PHP Drupal Microsoft Word

MSSQL vs SQLSRV Speed Comparison

A load comparison of the native PHP MySQL driver with Microsoft's SQLSRV driver.



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