Phase Server - PHP Web Server

Introducing Phase Server - PHP Web Server. Phase Server is a simple and lightweight web server written in PHP which can serve up PHP web pages as well as static content (images, css, javascript, etc.).

Current Version: 0.1
Last Modified: 6th March 2011
Licence: GPL v2

MSSQL vs SQLSRV Speed Comparison

For a good while, I have used PHP with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database on the back end. Microsoft have taken a keen interest in PHP and have contributed a great deal to the PHP community, none more so than by creating the Microsoft SQL Server Driver for PHP.

Publish to Drupal using Microsoft Word 2007

In this article I will show you how to use Microsoft Word 2007 to post to your Drupal website. The reason that I occasionally use Word to post directly to Drupal is purely as a quick way to put images into a post without having to worry about cropping, resizing or uploading using a third-party tool.


Drupal Setup

To start with, you will need to setup Drupal to allow you to post from Word.

Use a website uptime monitoring service as a simple cron alternative

Cron is great for running jobs on web servers, but it's fairly common for hosting companies to either disable jobs completely or have users submit their scripts to them in order for them to be setup as a job using cron.

There is however a simple way to get round this that doesn't involve multiple support tickets to your hosting provider. It also has the added benefit of providing uptime monitoring alerts to let you know if your host is having "technical issues."

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